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Wedding 101: Church Hunt!

Two months to go and finally, we will walk the aisle.

But before the glorious day comes, laborious and stressful days, weeks and months of preparation for the big day are ought to be expected .

So I decided to share my wedding preparation journey as a semi-DIY bride and give my honest reviews to my suppliers.

Anyway, we started the church hunt last July 2017, and reserved our slot for our April 2018 wedding.

First Pit Stop: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Pureza St. Tugatog, Malabon City

Since this is the nearest to both our houses, we had secured the slot and decided to avail the “Special Wedding” amounting to P5000 with the following inclusions: 2 pairs of sponsors, mass, fresh flowers, carpet and linens.

If you’re working on a budget, you may have the “Ordinary Wedding”, with the following inclusions: 2 pairs of sponsors, mass, no choir (CD / tape of wedding march, linens and artificial flowers.

Not to mention the additional charges:

Additional sponsor: P250

Use of electricity: 300

Choir: 500

So, when I computed the expenses, here’s our breakdown:

Special – 5000 (500 dp)

Sponsor – 750 (for additional 3 pairs)

Electricity – 300

Choir – 500


TOTAL: 6,550

I did the reservation last July 2017 since I thought it is cheaper than my dream church in Victoneta or San Bartolome (will be posting the details later).

Fast forward March 2018, while we are on the process of completing our church requirements, the parish office secretary informed us that the inclusions has changed.

She started asking for our florist and I said that we have none since I didn’t bother to get one because of our personalized paper bouquets since the fresh flowers are part of the inclusions of the supposedly “special wedding” package.

She mentioned that since there will be a 10AM wedding, they will no longer remove the flowers but we will have to pay an additional amount to them which makes it more questionable, because first, the 10AM wedding paid for the florists, why would we give the money to the secretary?

Second, shouldn’t we follow what is written on the inclusions the moment we had the reservation? And if ever there are recent changes, shouldn’t it be applied on the wedding reservations prior to the said changes?

I honestly felt disappointed since churches don’t usually give contracts, just acknowledgement receipts for the reservation payments, etc.

Mental note: Ask for a contract next time, since they themselves are not reliable enough to follow what was agreed upon. #theyarehumansafterall

This made me decide to look for other churches that might be available.

Here are the other options:

Second Pit Stop: San Roque Cathedral Parish A. Mabini St. Caloocan City

So far, this has the best offer in the area.

Marriage stipend / fee costs P5000 with the following inclusions: nuptial mass, sponsors (no limit), wedding coordinator inside the church, red carpet, artificial flowers, white veil along aisle, all lights turned on.

Additional, wedding singer -P600.

Unfortunately, our chosen wedding date is already fully booked. I hope I discovered this church sooner. 😥

Third Pit Stop: San Bartolome Church, Bayan, Malabon City

Price ranges from P6,500 to whooping P15,500, inclusions as indicated on above picture.

One of the most expensive churches in Malabon area and I didn’t ask for the date’s availability because I don’t think it is wise for us to spend P15.5k for a church ceremony. Jek always says that what matters is me, him, and the presiding priest to bless our marriage.

Other church option, my dream church: Our Lady of Victory Chapel, Victoneta Subdivision, Potrero, Malabon City

You probably have seen this church in several teleseryes on tv, which is why it comes with a hefty price tag of P15k to P20k (depending on the choses wedding month), mass and decorations not yet included.

Again, it is way beyond our budget so I didn’t bother inquiring about its availability. (Let the dream stays as a dream)

I hope to search for more churches within the area for brides like me who is looking for practical and simple celebrations within budget. Hope this helps and more updates soon. 😊


St. Gabriel Parish Church, Caloocan City

Wedding Rites: 10,000

Floral Arrangements: 2,000

Choir: 500

The church is fully air-conditioned and advisable for small, intimate weddings.😊

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Colorful flags all around,                      
Lights lit up in glamour
Here ye, here ye!
The circus finally came to town.

Exploiting and hoarding all the currencies they can get,
the animals are paraded in a charade of fallacy,
together with the clowns that do not bring joy,
but abhor to anyone who sees their malevolent grin.

The monkey claps at his own folly,
smiles at the sight of his own whip.

The lion stared at me, hungrily,
like a piece of meat he longs to devour,
blinded by his ceaseless hunger,
for power and fame.

The tiger, in all his bravery,
lost all his stripes in the show,
loops and cages,
but pride there’s none.

The trapeze swayed empty,
awaits for the next victim,
adrenaline’s running,
heart’s hyperventilating,
jumping and trusting,
until gaze dropped to nothing.

Slowly, the spectators gathered,
filling up the room of lies,
Scream of excitement blinded my ears,
And my eyes heard reality.

Then I jerked out of my deep sleep,
for I refuse to be part of this cynical circus.

Note: Featured image credits given to Great big Scary World from


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My smile is not defined by an ink on a paper

Nor by the empty praises whispered on air

I am no sucker for recognition

that I’d rather chose to stay in the shadows–

unnoticed, hidden, and undisturbed.

My happiness are not trophies and plaques:

they got old, tainted, and faded,

like petals of souls I’d rather not remember.

Certificate gets old and expired

Why chase something temporary?

Why would someone sacrifice precious moments for something impermanent?

Time clicks, time passes,

And in my search for my life’s happiness,

I’d rather wish you cast me back to my shadows–

unnoticed, hidden and undisturbed. 

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After the much-awaited Jek’s proposal, we went ahead and planned our wedding. We are working on a small budget so we agreed on having a simple yet memorable wedding with our closest relatives and friends.

Since my fiance is an avid fan of Lord of the Rings, we decided to buy our rings from the only supplier we can find, and that is

Together with my maid of honor Chri, we went to SM Marikina to see the rings in person. I tell you, we were never disappointed.

Trying to figure out which one is better…

Errrrrr, really difficult since both are suuupppeeer pretty. ❤

Sent the photos to jek and finally settled on the black wedding rings (black is the new gold! Haha)

BTW, we also tried out several engagement rings and they are gorg! Look at this brilliant halo ruby engagement rings that we tried!

After we have decided, I happily placed the order online.

Maybe I was on a trance while processing the order so I didn’t notice that there is an additional tax and delivery charge (which is kind of surprising because they indicated in the website that delivery is free of charge).

Then surprised to see this

Note: There is NO cancel button, in case you suddenly change your mind.

After few days, I received the package and again for the 2nd time, I was surprised.

Three rings crammed in one jewelry box!

I immediately texted Ms. Angie about the package and she responded.

Fortunately, they admitted that each ring must have an individual jewelry box, therefore, they will be delivering the missing boxes as soon as possible. And they did the next day! 🙂

All in all, I am impressed with the after-sales transaction / concerns, the COD (Cash On Delivery) feature and most of all, the lifetime warranty, although they warned me not to engrave anything on the rings because it will void the warranty.

Our wedding rings. ❤

As of the moment, this is all we can say for now since I will be waiting for the wedding next year before we can give a more accurate review of the said product.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored product

Recent updates:

After three months (October 2017) since I purchased the rings, I messaged to inquire about a replacement because of size issues.

Since I was at fault, I really didn’t expect much about the said request eventhough we haven’t used the rings yet because my wedding will be held on April 2018.

But what surprised me was the sudden changes about the warranty.

They NO longer offer a lifetime warranty which made me feel disappointed because this is one of the reasons why I bought the ring.

I am not sure whether this violates the prior agreement upon the purchase of the product, but this is not a good sign for consumers like me especially they promised a “lifetime warranty to ensure overall customer satisfaction”.

After two months (December 2017), Chri sent me a message and informed me that the brilliant halo ruby engagement ring she purchased lost its stone.

She used to wear the ring during important occasions so she is quite disappointed with the quality given that it comes with a hefty price tag (plus tax!).

The actual photo she sent in my messenger.

Fast forward July 2018, I checked their website and found out that their prices for the rings dropped and no more warranty.

Also, I received several negative feedback from their previous customers. (check the comment section)

Verdict: If you are about to purchase from this online store, you might want to reconsider and try to look for more reliable options… one who has “palabra de honor” as some people call it.

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This Ain’t Deja Vu

I walked the same road for over a hundred times… maybe even a thousand.

But I wondered, why I did not see it coming –why I did not see myself, in this uniform, in these shoes, in this life.

I never dreamt of being a teacher, but here I am, wondering what my goal really is.

Then, it dawned on me, I have only one goal in life: To be happy.

Nothing too fancy,

Nothing too extraordinary.

Just the simple thought of happiness drives me everyday to work and live my life.

For nothing is far more rewarding than happiness itself, though for all we know, the simplest things are the hardest to achieve.

Note: Random thoughts during my 5-minute walk to school in a humdrum weekday morning.


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Pest Reject Pro Review (My Completed Journey)

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…” — an adage I heard or read somewhere.

Well, you probably saw the TV Shop’s Ad on TV channels or Facebook pages and I bet, you got enticed by their great advertisement (nice marketing strat by the way!)

Also,you probably contemplated on picking the phone up and order, because you simply want to get rid of the pests inside your home!

This product promises to get rid of rats, roaches, bugs, fleas, ants and mosquitoes!

MOSQUITOES you hear me!

They also guarantee a 30-day free trial with a full refund, no questions asked, just in case you are not fully satisfied with the product.

So I said to myself, what do I lose if I will give it a try given this promising guarantee.

Actually I bought a similar product from Ace Hardware (Pest Shield Pro) and it costs P1,700 per piece. I am quite impressed on how it drove away the rats, take note, BIG, DIRTY RATS! so I said, Pest Reject Pro is even better and not to mention, cheaper!

So yes, I ordered and it was delivered a day after.

Super fast, hassle-free transaction.

So I basically bought mine at P3,000 for 2 units. I excitedly gave it a try after reading the manual.

Yes, I am one of those few people who read the manual. 😊

One week passed and I noticed that ants of all colors started to come out (which I thought was a good sign).

I observed and took note of their behavior and I noticed that the ants were just behaving normally, not even distracted by the so-called ultrasonic wave.

I also observed the flies and mosquitoes that entered our house and they were NOT affected at all.

Aside from that, I was having this trust issue due to excessive heating of both units and my aunt commented that it emitted some sort of fumes.

(BTW, our house got burned way back 1997 so that explains the “trust issue” thingy).

So I called the customer service to arrange the return of the units due to these observations.

What happened?

Well, let’s just say that they told me to use it longer since I only have it for a week.


To avoid the argument, I gave it another week.

But the worry of overheating and the hassle of constant worrying made me call again and ask for a refund.

Now this is the part where I decided to write a review.

I was forwarded to Ms. Greta (person in-charge) for my refund.

She said that she will do the arrangement for the refund of my money and pick up of the product so I thought, that is great.


She informed me that the processing of the CHECK will take 1-2 weeks.

Hmm… if I remembered it correctly, they said MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, I did not see the word CHECK in their ad.

I asked if it’s dated check, they said yes, so I thought, OK, it was as good as cash so fine.

Here is ANOTHER TWIST, she told me that since the company spent for the delivery and other stuff, P300 will be deducted from my P3000.

WHOAH! Wait a second.


I did not see it coming.

So I was kind of skeptical, pissed and disappointed but I kept my cool.

She told me that she was going to call me again when the check is ready.

A week passed, no call from Ms. Greta.

So I waited because she said 1-2 weeks.

Then one day, I tried to talk to an online agent from TV Shop website.

I pretended to be interested with the same product just to “catch the fish from its mouth”. I asked about the money-back guarantee and refund conditions and so on.

Here’s her response:

By the way, they sell it for P2995 online, so it is cheaper ordering there, if you still intend to buy after reading this review.

Obviously, she was very eager in answering my queries since I seemed like a potential buyer for her.

But everything changed when I told “Kat” about my issues in getting my full refund.

Her response was “may reason po sila kung bakit hindi po full ang marerefund niyo” and I was like, whoah, a minute ago you were telling me I can get a full refund no questions asked and now this! You got to be kidding me!

So there! I ended the conversation since she seemed no longer concerned because I obviously won’t buy anything.

Last January 27, Ms. Greta called my mobile phone confirming my name’s spelling for the check.

I clarified things in reference to the online agent and I tell you man, she is definitely pissed! I can sense that.

Despite that, I kept my polite, as-a-matter-of-fact tone because you know, you can’t resolve anything by letting your emotions get the best of you.

I even apologized reiterating that I know she is just doing her job and she has no control over it so I asked for the name of the person to whom I can address my concern.

She said it will make the process longer and that my check will be delayed more and I said that it is fine as long as I can talk to the person who can answer my concern.

I think that was the part were she lost it. She ignored my question and in a stern voice, she said, “Mam, pakitext na lang po pangalan niyo. Salamat.”

With her tone, I know that she will hang up on me any second so I just said ok.

By the way, I forgot to add, she is charging me another P100 for the delivery of the check! So P300 deductions + P100 check delivery… P400 for all these hassles!

Until now, no news about it. And now, seeing that a lot of people are very enticed with the product, just like me in the past, I felt obliged to publish a review… and an accurate one.

You might ask why I did not read reviews before buying?

I actually did my research but it seems like I can’t find anything negative on their official page and other websites.

But now, I get the deal, they DELETE negative comments and block you to avoid further comments. Sneaky right? 🙂

So this is it. My verdict? It might be really effective with the rats and mice but the other insects? NAH.

As for the 30 day free trial, full money-back guarantee… IT IS A BIG FAT LIE.

Marketing strategies and deceiving people are DIFFERENT and this is an upfront DECEPTION.

So people, if you are interested, think hard. Think very, very hard.

***UPDATES as of February 13, 2017

So apparently, they were trying to deliver the check but I refused to receive it because I was hoping that they will grant my full refund if I try to point out their TV Ad (which is very FALSE!)

This morning, Ms. Greta directed me to Ms. Ella (the person to whom I can raise my concern) and basically narrated the same scenario (for the Nth time) and later on told me that she will call me back.

Fast forward to 3PM, Ms. Greta called me and told me that the bosses refused to give me the full refund and if I will not accept the check, they will forfeit the refund.

So it’s like a no-brainer “Take It, or Leave It” offer.

What did I do? I didn’t take it of course.

I went ahead and called the DTI hotline 751-3330.

After being directed to the hotline for Deceptive, Unfair and Unconscionable Sales Acts or Practices, I was instructed to file for a formal complaint via Email.

And this is the acknowledge receipt of my email.

*To finally conclude my Pest Reject Pro review:

February 16, 2017: I received via email my schedule of Mediation. It was scheduled on February 23, Thursday. I also received a notice via mail.

Two days before the said mediation, Ms. Ella from TV Shop tried to settle by giving me a full refund! Yes, full refund!

With the condition that I will withdraw my formal complaint. I felt that it is some kind of bribery.

I thought, if I didn’t send an email to DTI, they won’t even bother to address my concern.

For the next two days, they kept on calling me, convincing me to accept the check even tried to convince me with a cash refund.

But I thought, it will be unprofessional if I will withdraw at this point since the Mediation was already scheduled.

At the same time, I want to make sure that DTI will be aware of such false advertisements.

I tried to contact DTI to seek for an advise: I called, sent a text message and email but to no avail, there’s no response.

So my final decision: to attend the mediation whether they will show up or not

(Ms. Ella told me that the bosses won’t be able to show up in the said mediation).

February 23, Mediation Day

10:29 AM, DTI called, not because they want to confirm my attendance to the mediation but to ask me if the despondent tried to settle and if I am willing to accept the settlement.

I already had a bad feeling about what’s going to happen. (You know, a woman’s instinct never fails)

For the record, I would like to reiterate that I am NOT after the so-called “danyos” (the money you get for moral damages, stress etc.)

I just want the DTI to prevent this from happening in the future.

To cut the story short, I came to DTI Office, Makati at 12:30.

We were about to leave and re-schedule the mediation when the other party arrived around 2:30.

We were led to the mediation room and I can no longer write in detail due to the confidentiality of the agreement.

Well, I just briefly narrated my side, issues and thoughts and they eagerly listened.

I later found out that I was talking to the owner, Ms. Marie. They told me that it is just a misunderstanding and they will conduct a re-orientation of their employees since they have different spiels and information but they still claimed that customers must get a FULL REFUND if they are not satisfied even after the 30-day guarantee!

Well, the mediator said that if I will pursue with my complaint (because he hasn’t filed the complaint yet), it will be outside the DTI’s jurisdiction and I will have to pursue it on a private court.

Now, I don’t have the slightest intention on wasting my money for this, given the fact that I have no faith in this country’s jurisdiction / justice system/ whatsoever.

I am well-aware how fucked up (excuse my profanity) this country has become.

In short, I am just glad to voice out what I think is right and what it should be, although I am not sure whether the company will take action.

Plus, I can give myself a tap on the shoulder for being calm all throughout despite the stress, nerves and anxiety.

Getting my full refund in cash is just a bonus (although honestly, I spent more money and energy just to express my side) but the most important thing: I learned something, I have a clean conscience and I did what I think is right.

Anyway, there is a supreme being who can see everything that we do.

He who does not sugarcoat.

He who would not fail or disappoint me.

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Lahat ng bagay nagbabago.
Ang ihip ng hangin…
mga kuru-kuro…
at pananaw sa buhay.

Noon, ang aking pananaw, kapag hindi ka na maligaya iwan mo na.
Carpe Diem ika nga nila…
ika ng iba…
ika ng lahat.

Malawak ang mundo,
madaming taong nakakahalubilo,
madaming mukhang nakakaharap,
mga taong nakikilala.

Masarap magmasid sa mga tao.
Makinig sa kanilang mga kuro-kuro…
Subalit kapag ang ingay ay tila baga nakakabagabag na ng iyong damdamin,
madali namang tumayo at umalis.
O dili naman kaya ay maglagak ng mumunting bagay na may kurdon sa iyong mga tenga
at punuuin ang iyong mundo ng musika malayo sa ingay ng iyong paligid.

At sa mga ganitong mumunting sandali
ako ay nakakalingap ng katahimikan ng loob at pag-iisip.
Lunod ng musika…sa munting espasyong tanging ako lang ang nakakaunawa.

At sa aking mumunting mundo,
ako ay magigising sa katotohanang
maligaya man ako sa daan kong tinatahak,
ang mga puno sa paligid ang lumulukob para mahagilap ko ang liwanag ng umaga.